About API Castings


Since 1971 API Castings has been dedicated to providing our Customers with high Quality aluminum die castings and secondary services while maintaining cost effective solutions and competitive pricing to meet our customer's casting needs.

We take pride in our customer service and outstanding record of on time deliveries. We accept both low volume and high volume runs with the fast turnaround needed by today's industrial consumers.

API Castings' management chose wisely in teaming with some of the best tooling manufacturers in the mid west. This allows us to provide tooling quotes for our customers with the assurance that the tooling they need is made to specification with the quality they want for long life die cast tooling.



API Castings' Die Cast Consultant has 40+ years experience in the aluminum die cast industry, offering expertise in tooling, casting and quality needs.

Our management team has over a century of combined experience in the die casting industry. API Castings has the knowledge, expertise and ability to provide the products needed for your company with the quality and price your company needs to be both efficient and profitable.

Cost effective, quality die castings made to our customer's specifications and delivered on time are the things that have built a solid reputation for API Castings in the aluminum die cast industry.